How to Start a Blog and Enjoy Blogging in 2017

How to Start a Blog and Enjoy Blogging in 2017

The topic of blogging has been exhausted but with the new year round the corner there is no harm in recapping why this is still one of the best ways to supplement your income.

If you are considering blogging that’s great! We will discuss how to start a blog – the easy part. Then move to what you stand to gain by blogging in 2017.

How to start a Blog

As a blogger you have many options including several DIY blogging kits that will have you up and running in a matter of minutes.

  • This is a simple and quick way to set up your blog. If you plan to work this way it would be good to have a few posts ready in advance that you can upload soon as you register. The procedure entails acquiring domain name, choosing a blogging plan, completing the registration form and logging in to your new account.

Word of Caution

You have the blog up and running and have made some posts – friends and colleagues will soon start commenting.

Not to be a wet blanket but before you begin getting too much traffic it’s time to optimize. This is somewhat like the 15 minutes before your favorite restaurant opens its doors – tables are set, food is ready, service staff is all dressed, just the guests remain. In like fashion, you do not want to get caught looking sloppy when the party starts.

Is your page loading fast as it should? Are the images slowing you down? Is your theme too large? If these questions are difficult to answer you should either: (even better to think about this before asking how to start a blog.

  1. Seek professional advice on how to move forward
  2. Opt to have a professional build your blog

Benefits of Blogging

While many talk about the financial benefits I’ll stick to the personal benefits of blogging.

  • #1: It’s a wonderful hobby: A blog is your own take on issues you enjoy and have some skill or expertise with. The habit can be quite addictive and many will tell you it has kept them home a lot more than they envisioned.
  • #2: You get to be a part of something: As you begin to reply/respond to comments you will realize you have something people need. You get to do more research and socialize much more widely.
  • #3: You learn each day: Even the most studious types get tired of poring through books. Oddly bloggers are yet to fall victim to that debilitating disorder. Bloggers love to learn and are improving with each passing day.
  • #4: You learn to push yourself: The day you receive a comment from outside your comfort zone you will begin to push a little harder. You will want to offer answers that are a lot more comprehensive and this will require you make time to build an authoritative opinion.

These are just some of the personal advantages. Monetary advantages of blogging have been exhausted and Googling will deliver over 20 reasons to start your blog.

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